Creative Coaching Group

    Mentor Coaching is a great way to sharpen your coaching skills and effectiveness. Both individual and group mentor coaching options are available.  

    You record a 30-minute coaching conversation and then we will have a one-hour mentor coaching debrief of that session. We will use the ICF Core competencies as our guide as we explore both skills evidenced in your coaching and also your 'growing edges' - those areas in which you could expand your skills for more success. You will leave each session inspired and with a practical go-forward plan.  

    Refresher Single Session:  $259 (includes 1 one-hour mentor coaching session with Jan Carley usig your recorded coaching session as a guide to explore the ICF competencies evidenced) 

    Refresher 3-pack: $579 (includes 3 one-hour mentor coaching sessions with Jan Carley using your recorded coaching sessions as a guide to explore the ICF competencies evidenced)




    Do you need 10 Mentor Coaching hours to renew your ICF ACC Credential?

    Are you applying for your credential through an ACSTH path or Portfolio path and wondering how to get the 10 Mentor coaching hours required for ICF certification?

    Would you like to sharpen your coaching skills and competencies?

    Join Jan and do a deep dive into the ICF competencies to enhance your coaching skill set. Perfect for the coach needing required Mentor Coaching hours for certification and also for the coach who wants to refresh their knowledge and sharpen their proficiency and application of the ICF Core Competencies.  You will connect with others in an intimate online environment with webinars and activities as well as getting mentor coaching around your recorded coaching conversations.

    This 3 month course fulfills the requirements for the 10 hours of mentor coaching needed to renew your ICF ACC Credential, or for ACC and PCC non ACTP applicants.   You will experience 7 hours of online group sessions designed to deepen your understanding and practical application of the ICF core competencies into your coaching and you will get 3 hours of individual mentor coaching with Jan including auditing and mentor feedback of your coaching.

    2017 Course Dates 
    Fall Cohort:  September 18 - December 18
    EACH COHORT HAS 7 Group Classes:
    *Monday nights  5 - 6:15 pm Pacific Time
    Fall:  Sept.18, Oct. 2 and 23, Nov 6 and 20, Dec 4 and 18
    Individual Coaching:  3 hours to be mutually scheduled over the 3 months
    Fee:  $1479 (one payment)  /or 3 installments of $529
    *maximum: 10 learners per cohort 

    or email Jan for a sign up application 


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