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    "With her deliberate and insightful questions, Jan helped me map out my next steps as I contemplated what was coming next in my career, and took me from a place of unspoken fears and a bit of desperation to a place of  hope and possibility.  Transition went from being a scary thought to a world to explore - with intention!  - Fran Watters,  Director, Faculty Relations, University of British Columbia

    Athletes, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and high achievers in all walks of life realize that the real key to success is to tap into their inner resources and eliminate their barriers to success. Coaching is a collaborative, positive, proactive process that helps you gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations and focus your energies so you can immediately leverage your strengths, open possibilities and effect positive change.

    Coaching with Jan will give you:
    *Clarity and Focus
    *Connection and Direction
    *Support and Accountability
    *Fast Results  

    "I knew I needed a change, but figuring out exactly where/how that change should happen felt like an overwhelming and daunting task.  Jan listened intently and pointed out common themes in what felt like very disconnected aspects of my life.  She was able to help me focus on what I was truly passionate about and give me a real sense of direction.   Every time I left a session with her, I was energized and excited about the possibilities that lay ahead for me and now the feeling is with me everyday. I would highly recommend Jan as a coach to anyone!"  -  Julie Macdonald

    The Coaching Process ~ is it right for you?

    Yes, it is…
    • If you are interested in maximizing your personal and professional potential
    • If you are ready to close the gap between where you are (in any part of your life) and where you want to be
    • If you would like to bring a new sense of purpose, clarity and focus and create positive changes in your life
    • If you want to be supported as you move forward toward the outcomes you desire

    What You Can Expect
    The coaching process begins with a "discovery session". Once you have decided to embark on a coaching program you will be sent a discovery questionnaire which helps you determine your goals and priorities for the coaching relationship. Coaching sessions typically take place every 2 weeks, with a minimum 3-month commitment advised for maximum benefit. Sessions can take place face-to-face, on the telephone, or a combination of both. Through a process of discovery, goal setting and specific action, each coaching conversation is designed to elicit and facilitate your own action-based solutions to achieve measurable results.

    "What you gave me was the wisdom of your very probing questions which led me to the answers within. Your guidance has helped me tremendously to make some very important decisions for myself and my family - decisions that I am sure would have taken me many more months to make, years even...without your help. I am truly grateful that I had this time with you." - Margaret Wheeler

    "Since I met Jan, my life has accelerated in the direction that I always knew I wanted to go in, but I was too scared to admit it. The biggest gift a coach gives you is their time, attention and support in making your dreams bigger than you knew were even possible!"   -Jean Leggett

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