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    "Jan Carley is a woman with vision, creativity and drive. She energizes everyone she meets, and without her, Lions Gate Chorus would not be where we are today. "
    -Sandy Marron, Master 700 Director, Lions Gate Chorus, 2010 International Silver Medalists

    It all started with Lions Gate Chorus, a 120-voiced Sweet Adeline International chorus based in Vancouver, BC. Ranked 12th in the world, they embarked on a holistic plan of musical and personal development before the October 2007 International chorus competition in Calgary.    Working with their Inner Coach, Jan Carley, over a period of several months, they transformed their thinking and began to believe. They hit the stage and set it ablaze and after several standing ovations, emerged as the new 3rd place International Bronze Medalists.

    Working on the inner barriers to success at the same time as you work to optimize the technical aspects of your performance will evidence itself positively in competition results as well as shifting your group culture to one of joy and possibility. Jan is an avid barbershop singer, having been a member of the award winning Lions Gate Chorus since 1994 and lead singer in her quartet, Fandango, since 1999.

    "Jan Carley is a talented, innovative, passionate, and creative woman who possesses the unique ability to motivate and inspire those who have the privilege of working with her."
    - Ryan Heller, Master Director, Pride of Portland Chorus, 2011 9th place International medalists

    "I asked her to help me light new pathways as a director, and in the process she has helped me find new pathways for life. She's an excellent leadership coach..." - Julie Starr, Master Director, Bay Area Showcase Chorus


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